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Is your old printer holding your business back?


Technology changes rapidly. 


New printers offer more robust workflow, security features and energy efficiency.  For many businesses, an updated printer is the tool that helps their team accomplish more.

it is time for a new printer

  • Your team has grown, or your workload has increased
  • You are needing more frequent repairs
  • Your team demands more efficiency
  • You are spending more on printing costs
  • It takes too long to complete the large queue of jobs your team has been sending to print.  It is preventing you from being productive.

It’s about time to replace your old printer or photocopier

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 3  Things to consider for business efficiency

The cheapest machine does not guarantee a low maintenance cost.

The power of multifunction. Copy, print, fax, scan all in the same printer will save time and increase your team’s efficiency.

Wi-Fi innovation plays an integral role in productivity – send print jobs from anywhere within your network range from nearly all mobile devices.

Searching for a new printer can be overwhelming.

Whitsunday Office Machines will help your business choose the printer that is right for your team.
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Across more than 40 years we have determined that these brands have outperformed all the others in the printer space.


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