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The latest in smart ordering for the hospitality industry

Ai-Menu Provides The Complete Technology Solution To Optimise The Hospitality Experience For Both Venue And Customer

Here’s some of what’s available:


This is the central hub for all the system’s functions. It takes care of ordering, preparing bills, manages tables, orders, receipts, payments and bar tabs, keeps track of tablet menus and more.

Online ordering: Add online ordering to your website, process payments, send invoices, collate customer details and data, create sales reports. Also provides online reservation management

Tablet menus

Present your menu to guests as a tablet computer which customers can use to order and have their choices sent directly to the kitchen or bar. Live updates to the menu – if an item becomes unavailable it can be instantly flagged or deleted. Easy bill splitting for guests. Multiple language options.

QR Code table ordering

Allow customers to order and pay using their own device.

Self-order kiosks

A skip-the-queue service increasing speed and efficiency.

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